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‎(no date on document)‎ request to place mobile home on property for Mrs. Mamie Jones[Icon] 3 La Porte TX
0986 Flight Standards District Office #64-General Aviation Service Information Bulletin[Icon] 28 La Porte TX
1971 Map of Water Resources Development Projects[Icon] 37 La Porte TX
1975 Fairmont Park General Layout for section 2, block 21, replat filed with Harris County[Icon] 9 La Porte TX
1975 NPDES Permit No. TX0022781[Icon] 26 La Porte TX
1977 Houston Galveston Regional Transportation Study[Icon] 30 La Porte TX
1978 Doughtie & Porterfield-certificate of compliance for work at City of LaPorte City Hall Building[Icon] 1 La Porte TX
1979 Dover Properties Inc.-College View/College View Estates plats submitted for registration with Harris County[Icon] 2 La Porte TX
1979 LaPorte Comprehensive Plan[Icon] 63 La Porte TX
1980-1983 work done at City of LaPorte Public Works Service Center[Icon] 127 La Porte TX
1981-1982 Harris-Galveston Coastal Subsidence District Permits No.11277-12181[Icon] 5 La Porte TX
1982 Harris-Galveston Coastal Subsidence District-Permits for welsl No. 16494-16308 and 14105-14109[Icon] 17 La Porte TX
1983 cancellation of waste discharge permit #TDWR 1217-01 for proposed Las Palmas Mobile Home Community[Icon] 31 La Porte TX
1983 Fairmont Plaza Joint Venture-drawings, rendering, costs, etc[Icon] 23 La Porte TX
1983 La Porte Landfill Site Survey-Antiquities Permit #477[Icon] 72 La Porte TX
1983 Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standard & Education-Staffing Analysis Project[Icon] 31 La Porte TX
1984 Technologies in Solid Waste Management information from HGAC[Icon] 77 La Porte TX
1984 Transfer of Texas Water Commission Permit No. 10921 from College View MUD to CLP[Icon] 22 La Porte TX
1986 Endorsement to Texas Water Commission to renumber Permit No.10921-01 to new No.10206-03[Icon] 29 La Porte TX
1986 Houston Region Census Statistical Areas Committee information Houston Chamber of Commerce[Icon] 137 La Porte TX
1986 Texas Dept of Health Type I Solid Waste Permit Application No. 1765[Icon] 4 La Porte TX
1986 Texas Water Commission-Application for Amendment to TDWR Permit #10206-01[Icon] 9 La Porte TX
1988 Planning & Zoning-Six Month Review of Zoning Ordinance and Map[Icon] 148 La Porte TX
1992 Authorization to Discharge Under the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System[Icon] 39 La Porte TX
1993 Texas Natural Reservation Conservation Commission letter-re:permit MSW-1765[Icon] 1 La Porte TX
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