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<br />ASKINS & ARMSTRONG, P. C. <br /> <br />ATTORNEYS AT LAW <br />702 W. FAIRMONT PARKWAY <br />P.O. BOX 121B <br />LA PORTE. TEXAS 77572-1218 <br /> <br />", <br /> <br />KNOX W. ASKINS <br />.JOHN O. ARMSTRONG <br /> <br />TELEPHONE 281 471-1886 <br />TELECOP1ER 2S1 471-2047 <br /> <br />CHARLES R. HUSER. .JR. <br />BOARD CERTI"IEC . CIVIL TRIAL LAW' <br />TEXAS BOARD 0,. LI[GAL. SPECIALIZATION <br /> <br />July ~3, ~999 <br /> <br />Secretary of State <br />Corporation Division <br />special Handling <br />P.O. Box 12436 <br />Austin, TX 787~1 <br /> <br />Re: CITY OF LA PORTE DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION <br /> <br />Dear Sir/Madam: <br /> <br />I enclose herewith triplicate copies of Articles of Incorporation <br />for CITY OF LA PORTE DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION, a non-profit <br />corporation, together with check in the amount of $35.00, payable <br />to the order of the Secretary of State, representing $25.00 filing <br />fee and $10.00 rush service. <br /> <br />Please file one original in your office, and issue two Certificates <br />of Incorporation, to each of which please affix one of such <br />originals. <br /> <br />Thank you for your kind assistance <br /> <br />in .t~is-matter7'.7 <br />.., // <br />. . <br /> ve.r. .y~..t."rn.lY' <br /> <br />C21 ./!JJb .' r <br />1 ' ((.~/-ttit: / <br /> <br />'J ox w. Ask1ns <br /> <br />KWA: sw <br />Enclosures <br />cc: Mr. Robert T. Herrera <br />City Manager <br />City of La Porte <br /> <br />Mr. John Joerns <br />Assistant City Manager <br />City of La Porte <br /> <br />Mr. Jeff Litchfield <br />Assistant City Manager <br />/Director of Finance <br />City of La Porte <br />