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<br />BYLAWS <br />OF THE <br />CITY OF LA PORTE <br />DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION <br /> <br />These bylaws govern the affairs of the CITY OF LA PORTE DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION <br />(the "Corporation") a nonprofit corporation organized under Article 5190.6, Section 48, Vernon's <br />Annotated Texas Civil Statutes, as amended (the 'Act'). <br /> <br />ARTICLE I <br /> <br />PURPOSES <br /> <br />General Purposes <br /> <br />1.01. The Corporation acts on behalf of the City of La Porte, Texas in furtherance of the pubiic <br />purposes of the Act and may engage in any project authorized under Section 2(10) or Section <br />48 of the Act. <br /> <br />Powers <br /> <br />1.02. The Corporation has all the powers both express and implied, granted to corporations <br />governed by Section 48 of the Act and by the Texas Non-profit Corporation Act. <br /> <br />ARTICLE II <br /> <br />OFFICES <br /> <br />Principal Office <br /> <br />2.01. The principal office of the Corporation in the State of Texas is located at 604 West <br />Fairmont Parkway in La Porte; Harris County; Texas. The Corporation may provide for <br />additional offices or change the location of any office. <br /> <br />Registered Office and Agent <br /> <br />2.02. The Corporation shall comply with the requirements of the Act and maintain a registered <br />office and registered agent in Texas. The registered office may, but need not, be identical with <br />the Corporation's principal office in Texas. The Corporation may change the registered office <br />and the registered agent as provided in the Act. <br /> <br />1 <br />